Program Overview

Here's a checklist to make sure that you get the
most from our amazing gift program!

After your presentation is completed register online to activate your program and select your desired gifts.

Make a list of the qualified names of people that might help you out by looking at the Rainbow.

Send an email to all your people to let them know you will be calling them to get their help.

Print the Script of How to Call and review the Hints for Success!

Start contacting everybody on your list to see who is willing to help you by just looking.

Submit all of your contacted names to the office either online or by phone within 7 days of your presentation.

If you submit your contacted names to the office within 48 HOURS you can qualify for a Special Bonus Gift!

Once all 4 qualified presentations have been completed within 14 days you can pick up your gift(s)!
See Gift Page

If you wish – you can contact additional names to earn more gifts! For every 4 qualified Demos you can earn another gift!

Be sure to follow these guidelines to receive the full benefit of our


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